New release "Foreverest" out June 28th on Non Prophet Recordings

"Foreverest was recorded during three days in a small studio in Stockholm where I knew some of my favourite bands growing up had recorded their best work. Three days with three people (myself, Daniel Ă–gren and Josefin Runsteen) working fast and having fun. To me, it seems these recordings really came alive thanks to the way we did it. We went with the flow and tried any ideas that came up. It was spontanious and felt very creative. It made the songs come alive again. Some of the songs are a few years old and some of them were written closer to the recording. 

Josefin helped me go through the song structures before we recorded and we arranged some thoughts beforehand, but very little was pre-decided. I think all the vocal tracks are first takes, done in one go. There are five songs, and these are the names of those five songs:

1. Diamonds

2. I Saw a Shadow

3. Somewhere In Maynard

4. Strangest Eyes

5. Went To The River

Daniel heard great sounds and made them happen for these songs. I am really in awe of his sonic world and super happy to be part of it in some way. There is also a duet with Anna Ahnlund on one of the songs which feels so cool because her album "Omnejd" was a huge inspiration for me and my songs when it came out. Big honor to work with these crazy cats. Find this music and enjoy."


Listen to music: